Allah tells us in the Quran (Chapter 51 Verse 56) that the only reason mankind and the jinn (another creation of Allah made of smokeless fire) were created, is to worship Him. But in order to fulfill this purpose of our life, it is necessary for us to recognize who our Creator is. Countless people have lived and died without paying much attention to who their Creator is, so it was impossible for them to worship Him as was His sole right.

Allah tells us in many places in the Quran, that His nature is such that our limited human minds cannot fully comprehend His immense power, grandeur and supremacy. Indeed, “There is nothing like unto Him” (The Quran, Chapter 42 Verse 11). This being the case, it is pointless to compare Allah to any of His creations or to believe that He has any of their attributes, qualities, nature, limitations or essence. Likewise, Allah tells us in Surah Ikhlas (The Quran, Chapter 112) that He is the One, who is unique, single and indivisible, and “Nor to Him is any equivalent” (Verse 4). As He was also not begotten nor does He beget (verse 3), there is no possibility of Allah having ancestors or descendants who share His unique features.

All the creations of Allah contained in the universe, animate and inanimate, are not part of Him, and neither does He reside in any of them. This refutes the “God is everywhere and in everything” claim.  This means that Allah is not in all His created things, but that His knowledge about them is complete and perfect, and that they are under His control in every respect. One of the names of Allah, Al-Aliim (the All-Knowing) has been mentioned 157 times in the Quran, emphasizing His perfect knowledge, “from whom not even an atom’s weight is hidden” (Chapter 34 Verse 3).

While differentiating between the Creator and what He has created may seem like a trivial thing, it is anything but. If we cannot make this important distinction, we fall into a very serious error of judgment, confusing what we must consider mundane and whom We must worship as the Supreme. The reverence accorded to people, animals, places, astral bodies, natural phenomena, and even body parts, are all a result of this confusion.  The difference between the created and the Creator, therefore, is the difference between shirk (association or partnership with Allah) and tawheed(belief in the Oneness of Allah).