20 Hostages, 2 police officers and 6 terrorists are dead in the recent terror attack on an Artisan Bakery café in the affluent, diplomatic enclave was the deadliest and boldest act of terror in a country.

The victims were among roughly three dozen people taken hostage when attackers stormed the cafe Friday evening with guns, explosives and sharp weapons, authorities said.

Some guests and workers managed to escape, jumping from the bakery’s roof. Others crouched under chairs and tables as the gunmen fired indiscriminately, witnesses said.

Early Saturday morning, military commandos moved in. By the end, 13 people had been rescued and 20 were dead.

Six terrorists were killed and one was captured alive.

This tragedy comes within few days of the Turkey attack and so close to the end of Ramadan when we all are getting ready for Eid.

May Allah guide all the misguided youth to the correct path. Please share the below link with your friends and family members to inform them with quotes from Quran that suicide is Haram and so is killing of innocents