A young Syrian refugee identified as Muhannad M., found 50,000 Euros (around $55,000) in cash and an additional 100,000 Euros (around $110,000) with account information which gave him access to the money in a wardrobe, according to a Minden Police press release.

He was given the wardrobe to help furnish his apartment in Minden, a city west of Hanover. As he cleaned and reassembled the pieces, he found a wide storage pouch hidden beneath a lower shelf. In it was the stash of money.

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He checked online to confirm if they were real and when he realized it was real, he called the immigration and contacted the immigration office to ask about turning the money in. The man is being praised as a hero by local police for his honesty.

The money could have helped Muhannad get his two younger brothers out of Syria and into a new life in Germany. But he told Germany’s newspaper that he couldn’t do that.

“I am a Muslim. I’m not allowed to keep this money. My religion forbids it,” he said. “Allah would never allow me to finance my own interests with someone else’s wealth.”

Muhannad will get a reward of 3 percent of the total amount of his discovery – around $4,500. The police are trying to track down the wardrobe’s former owner.