It can be difficult to incorporate all your servings of fruit and vegetables in the window between Iftar and Sehr during Ramadan. However, with a little organization and creativity a healthy diet can be maintained.

Here are two green smoothie ideas which can boost your intake of fruits and vegetables while providing the much-needed fluids your body needs after iftar. These smoothies are low in calories, and high in good quality fats and fiber.


Smoothie 1

Serves 2

2 Kiwifruit

1 Apple (I use granny smith)

2 Dates

3-4 Kale leaves

1 Avocado


Smoothie 2

Serves 2

2 Sticks Celery

2 Tsp Chia seeds soaked in ½ cup water

1 Mango

3-4 Spinach leaves

1 Tbsp Organic peanut or almond butter


Add required quantity of water to the above ingredients and blend in a high speed blender. You may add ice if you like, using the ‘frozen drinks and smoothies’ option.

These drinks are a delicious, healthy and convenient addition to your iftar menu.


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