In today’s world we are always planning for our future. Our present is constantly engaged in planning for the tomorrow that is to come. Jobs, careers, education, housing, income, investments and retirement plans are all subject to a lot of consideration and scrutiny.

So much time, money and effort is spent on organizing our life so that we achieve what we have defined as success- be it earning a certain income, cultivating a particular persona, looking or dressing in a manner that reflects our status or buying an item that represents our success.


Now for a moment imagine yourself without any of the external and material things that you have accumulated or achieved in your life so far. Right now, at this instant, if you were picked out of your surroundings and dropped in the middle of a featureless plain, how would life be? What if you had no clothes, food, water, shelter, conveyance, friends or relatives to help you? The helplessness and desolation anyone would feel in that situation can only be imagined. And yet, no matter what our life circumstances are today, that is a situation we are heading to without any doubt.  I am not talking about a post-apocalyptic world after a crisis, but the condition of each one of us on the day of judgement when we are awoken after death. Some of us might have been dead for many centuries and some might have died when the trumpet is blown by the angel Israfeel whose job it is to announce the end of the world. Some of us may have been rich and comfortable in this world and some impoverished and in hardship. In any case, on the day of resurrection we will all be the same- with no clothes, riches, helpers or any markings of wealth, status or education.

And that is the day we need to plan for. All our planning and organization, and strife and struggle, needs to be focused on the day when we will be bereft of anything from this world. So what is the point? The point is not to step out of our worldly commitments but to continue living with the awareness that there is more to life than just planning for our remaining worldly life.  Post-future planning refers to the accumulation of a different kind of currency, one that will carry over with us when nothing else will. And that is the currency of deeds and actions.

Allah tells us in several places in the Quran that the reward of good deeds is paradise:

But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, We shall admit them to gardens under which rivers flow (i.e. in paradise) to dwell therein forever. (Chapter 4 verse 57).

And whoever does righteous deeds, whether male or female, while being a believer- those will enter paradise and will not be wronged, (even as much as ) the speck on a date seed. (Chapter 4 Verse 124).

Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds- for them are the gardens of pleasure, wherein they abide eternally; (it is) the promise of Allah (which is truth). And He is the exalted in Might, the Wise. ( Chapter 31 Verses 8 & 9).

So the risk of not planning for our post-future is too great to contemplate. Our eternal life is at stake right now, more so than our future on earth.

So let us collect the currency of good deeds and future-proof our post-future while we still can.