We at Muslim Window, would like to extend our deep and heart-felt condolence to the families and loved ones of  all 9/11 victims. This is not a crime perpetrated by Muslims because a Muslim by definition cannot be a terrorist.

9/11 was a a terror of unimaginable magnitude, and an attack planned and executed with chilling precision. The people who died on 9/11 left their families empty and the void they left cannot be filled- ever. The horror of losing someone in a terror attack is the stuff nightmares are made of. You are not alone in this tragedy. The Muslims of America share your sentiment of loss and feel the tragedy as much as you do, because since 9/11 Muslims have become the target of a huge number of people who believe all Muslims and Islam, are to blame for this attack. Islamophobia has increased and Muslims everywhere are mistrusted and treated with suspicion. Those Muslims for whom America is their birthplace, feel like their patriotism is always questioned because of this terrorist act, increasingly becoming the “others” when they condemn and hate what happened on 9/11 just as musch as non-Muslim Americans.

On this anniversary of 9/11 filled with pain, let us resolve to hate the enemy, not each other; uproot the enemy, not your neighbor. Doubt strangers, not your own fellow citizens. Know your friends and know your enemies better.
Give yourself permission to heal  and to let the pain of your loss rest.
We pray that no such incident ever takes place again anywhere in the world, which caused so much destruction and loss of life that has changed the world forever and its impact is even felt today.
Check our articles to confirm what Islam says about the killing of innocents http://www.www.muslimwindow.com/a-terrorist-cannot-be-muslim/ and also what it says about suicide http://www.www.muslimwindow.com/suicide-is-strictly-banned-in-islam/