A Muslim cannot be a Muslim if they don’t believe in Jesus (ISA) peace be upon him as a prophet.

 A lot of my Christian friends ask me if Muslims believe in Jesus and as usual I always reply in the affirmative. They are usually astonished, and these questions generally pop up around Christmas time. I always used to think there should be a way to get this information to all my Christian friends worldwide as some of them might not communicate with their Muslim friends (if they have any) to get this information.

When I came across this website Muslim Window which was started with the aim of removing the misconceptions in Islam and bringing communities together by educating them to live in peace and harmony, I thought this must be the place where I should be writing this article.

Every Muslim in the world believes in Jesus and we call him ISA (Peace be Upon Him) son of virgin Mary (may Allah be pleased with her) and we believe that he was born miraculously and had the powers to heal. Angel Gabriel (Jibraeel ) appeared before  Mary(Maryam)  and informed her that she is going to give birth to a son, to which Mary informed Gabriel that she was not  married and that no man had touched her- so how could she have a son? Angel Gabriel told Mary that it was the wish of God (Allah) that her son be born in this way, and that He is able to do all things.

When Mary was about to give birth she moved out of the city and on returning with Jesus after his birth, people inquired about Jesus and doubted her character. Jesus (ISA), a new born baby spoke for his mother informing them that he is a prophet and told them about his miraculous birth.

Jesus (peace be upon him) is considered as one of the most powerful prophets in ISLAM and that he will return to this world. In fact, the name Jesus has been mentioned in the Quran more than Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).

Muslims believe in the one God and we call him ALLAH, All the Muslims in the world believe in the prophets  Adam, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, David, Noah and consider them all to be the prophets sent by Allah (may peace be upon them all ).

It would be fair to say that without this belief in all the prophets, ending with Mohammed (peace be upon them all), no Muslim can be a Muslim.