In India, 2 Muslim women were attacked publicly in the presence of police by ‘gau-rakshaks’ or ‘cow vigilantes’ when they were suspected of carrying beef which was later found to be buffalo meat. The presence of Police at the time of the incident didn’t stop women from getting thrashed, So far this year three people have been killed and several others beaten and flogged over the transportation, sale or consumption of beef.

Recently, nation-wide controversy has flared up with regard to cows. Incidents of violence against people either buying, or suspected of buying, beef, are on the rise. A 52 year old Muslim man was lynched to death on suspicion of eating beef. In an unlikely alliance, Dalits who are classed as lower caste among Indian Hindus, and Muslims joined together in a rally to protest against the public flogging of four Dalit youth by cow vigilantes who were attacked for skinning a dead cow.

Such is the public uprising and growing furor in India that President Barack Obama has urged the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to take all necessary steps to contain this violence. Three days ago, Mr. Modi released a statement saying “Gau rakshaks indulge in anti-social activities; cow-vigilantism is just a ruse to hide their misdeeds”. However, no concrete action has taken place to end the violence over the cow-controversy.