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The issue of the consumption of beef in India has escalated to new heights of terror.

A couple was killed, and two women, all from the same household were raped for allegedly consuming beef.
This incident took place two weeks ago in a village in  Mewat district in the state of Haryana, but details are only just emerging. The two women who were gangraped by “cow vigilantes” said that the attackers barged into their home early morning on 25 August, killed a man and a woman and raped two women aged 20 and 14 saying they deserved it for eating beef although the women said that no one had eaten beef in their house.
On Eid-ul-Adha, the Muslim festival in which an animal is sacrificed, also saw a Muslim family in Bengaluru  being  targeted. A mob of about 300 men stormed into their house attacking the family which included women. The family has contacted the police but the police have not filed their complaint yet.
The rising violence against Muslims in India over the issue of cow slaughter is cause for grave concern. The so-called protection of cows is taking precedence over the lives of Muslim men, women and children. If the biggest democracy in the world supports the religious beliefs of one sect of its population while  the basic right to live is denied to Muslims, it should be a cause of national shame, prompting the Indian government to take urgent action to protect its Muslim citizens and their right to religious freedom.
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