An Iraqi woman has taken it upon herself to fight ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic state which is wrecking havoc through its terror tactics all over the world. She and her men, part of a tribal militia, recently helped government forces drive ISIS out of the town. In the man’s world that is rural Iraq, female fighters are a rarity.

Wahida Mohamed described herself as a housewife; her home has been attacked several times over the last few years by the ISIS. She says they have tried to assassinate her six times, and she has shrapnel in her face and legs and her ribs have been broken, but she is undeterred and leads an army of men to fight ISIS, and was fighting Al-Qaeda before that. Her first and second husbands, her father and three brothers have all been killed by ISIS. She, in turn, has pledged to fight and uproot them and support for her strategies is growing phenomenally.