French President Francois Hollande criticized the burqini ban in France which sparked widespread protests and was subsequently lifted. He stressed banning the burqini would make France more vulnerable to further attacks from terrorists.¬†Hollande said: “I don’t want to give Islamists reasons to put pressure through provocation to test the limits of the French Republic. Nor will I give them a pretext to take offence at the stigmatization of Muslims.”

In the same hour-long address, Hollande reinforced the message that secularism was not the state religion of France and that the principle of secularism could not be used against other beliefs and that it was as compatible with Islam as with Christianity and Judaism. Hollande said that radical Islam had created “a fake state, led by real killers. It skews the Islamic religion to spread its hatred.”

Hollande talked positively about the new foundation of Islam in France which would see the strengthening of ties with the French Muslim community which accounts for 7-9% of the country’s population.
The President asserted his optismism about overcoming terrorism by realizing true Islam as the second religion of France and stated, “It is the trust we have in ourselves and our values which will enable us to triumph over terrorism.”

President Hollande stressed that radical Muslim imams (priests) who had been trained outside France and who usually did not even speak French, needed to be replaced by imams trained in France and who taught their congregation about the true Islamic principles of peace and brotherhood. We at support President Hollande’s clear and practical directive and wholeheartedly endorse his plan of reinstating Islam in France as a true religion of peace. Share this to show your support of president Hollande views about true ISLAM.