What does food for thought mean? We eat food for survival, nourishment, health and pleasure. In the same way, we keep our mind alive and full of vitality by giving it appropriate nourishment. Without food, our bodies weaken, become ill and ultimately perish. The same holds true for our minds. Without good thoughts, nourishing and replenishing our energy, our minds weaken and eventually wither away.

Just as we monitor what we eat and not just eat whatever comes in front of us, it is equally important to monitor what we think. Our thoughts have the ability to permeate our beings and color our mood, disposition and over the long term, our personality.  People who feed their minds negative thoughts will develop a negative personality. The same is true for pessimism, sarcasm, self-doubt, self-berating, self-loathing and any other type of intrapersonal communication (communication with our self). We have the choice to constantly feed our minds with positivism or negativism, optimism or pessimism, hope or despair, boost our self-confidence or undermine it. Ultimately, whatever we say to ourselves creates our own reality. For example, if a student achieves very high grades, but expects himself to be graded at 100% and never less than that, he will be unhappy even if he scores 98%. He might even feel depressed and say to himself that he is a loser because he scored less than 100%. It is obvious here that the problem is the student’s internal standard, according to which he decides success or failure. What we tell our inner self, therefore, determines whether we feel like we succeeded or failed. This is especially important for our younger generation because we often hear of young people who cannot face a crisis, failure or a difficulty and suffer a nervous breakdown or even commit suicide. It is their self-talk which makes them hopeless and helpless at a time when they actually need to bolster their confidence and harness their strength to pull themselves through a rough situation.

If we continually feed ourselves unhealthy, rotten food, we cannot expect to maintain a healthy body. In the same way, unhealthy thoughts that do not nourish us emotionally or mentally, spoil our personality and create an emotionally and mentally sick individual.

Whether you think you are right or wrong, either way you are correct. Be careful and monitor what thoughts you consume.