Dr. Nargis Ali

Dr Nargis Ali

Dr. Nargis Ali graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Communication. She completed a post-graduate certificate in the sociology of health  and found that she wanted to study health systems and population health in more depth. She was accepted into the Doctor of Health Program and won the coveted New Horizons for Women Graduate Award. Dr. Ali’s doctoral thesis, completed in 2013, is about the narratives of Muslim women and how physical activity is influenced by the perception of religion.

While completing her study, Dr. Ali worked for six years as a manager in the field of rehabilitating people back to work after a serious injury. During this time she understood the importance of integrative care in ensuring successful health outcomes. Therefore, integrative and holistic health has been emphasized throughout this site.

Dr. Ali is the mother of three active children. She is a keen reader and enjoys writing, walking and caring for abandoned animals. She is also interested in the areas of interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, gender equity and conflict resolution.