A Muslim groom in Meerut, India, divorced his bride within two hours of the marriage ceremony. This was over his demand for a car as ‘dowry’(A non-Muslim tradition followed by Muslims in India to demand money and gifts at the time of marriage from the bride’s family)  which the bride’s family could not afford.

The matter went before the village elders which imposed a fine of Rs 225000 (approximately US $3400) on the groom’s family and has banned the man from marrying for the next three years.

From an Islamic point of view, two major issues are at play. Firstly, there is no provision of a ‘dowry’ in Islam which makes it necessary for the woman’s family to pay anything to the man. Secondly, it is not permissible to divorce a woman without an Islamic basis for it and without trying to reconcile differences first. The lack of religious knowledge among Muslims is causing major problems within the community and increasing such ignorant behavior.