“I can do any job, I don’t mind, but I will keep my hijab, I will keep my identity, and respect my culture and my religion.”

Mona Alfadli, a New Zealand Muslim woman of Kuwaiti descent, has been refused a job because of her headscarf in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest and most ethnically diverse city.
Alfadli, who is qualified as a computer systems engineer, applied for the position of a retail assistant in a jewellry store, and was told to she would not be getting the job on account of her head scarf. She says before this experience she thought New Zealand was a safe place for her family to start life afresh after settling there as refugees in 2008, but this experience has left her feeling bitter and depressed. She asserts that it is her dream to find employment to support her family, and that she should not be treated in this way because of her religious beliefs.

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