Can a democratic country tell its citizens what to wear? Can you be fined for wearing too many clothes? Can you be forced to wear less clothes than you are required to religiously?That is exactly what is happening in France. Several French towns have banned the burqini, a swimming costume used commonly by Muslim women, that covers the head and entire body and has allowed many women to swim while adhering to Islamic rules of dress.

Nice is the latest town to ban the burqini, in the wake of the truck attack on 14 July which killed 86, followed by the murder of a priest.
A woman who was at the beach with her family wearing a burqini was accosted ┬áby the police and was asked to remove it. Wearing a burqini is an offence which can be fined. It is highly concerning that Muslim women’s clothing is becoming a symbol of allegiance to terrorism. Due to this false and misplaced correlation, Muslim women are being denied their basic human right of practicing their religion freely.

I created the burkini to give women freedom, not to take it away