The highest court of law in France has lifted the ban on wearing the burqini, a type of swimwear that covers the whole body and head, favored by Muslim women and those who want to avoid dangerous UV sunlight that causes skin cancer.

This  ruling is likely to reverse the ban which is in place in 30 towns across France, and the court will give a final ruling later.

Amnesty International’s  Europe Director,John Dalhousen, said “French authorities must now drop the pretense that these measures do anything to protect the rights of women….These bans do nothing to increase public safety but do a lot to promote public humiliation”.

The lifting of this ban should be lauded as a victory not just for Muslim women, but for women all over the world who should have the right and freedom to choose how they represent their bodies. Aheda Zanetti, the designer and manufacturer of the Burqini, (pictured above, right) says she never intended the burqini to cause controversy, but to give women the freedom to exercise without compromising their religious beliefs.