Three British siblings were removed from an easyJet flight after fellow passengers wrongly accused them of “reading ISIS material”.¬†The trio, who are of Indian heritage but were born and raised in London, were questioned on the runway by armed police officers for an hour before being allowed back on the plane.

The siblings had to submit their mobiles for police checks before being allowed to re-board and continue their journey.¬†Writing on Facebook about the incident, Sakina said the police told them: “A passenger on your flight has claimed that you three are members of ISIS… They saw you with Arabic or praise be to Allah on your phone.”

Sakina, a clinical pharmacist at University College London, wrote: “Firstly, that’s part of the Qur’an, our religious text, so even if we did have it, it wouldn’t signify that we’re a part of ISIS at all, but regardless, we’ve had nothing on our phone remotely Arabic related this morning. Also, we’re Indian by ethnicity, so we wouldn’t even have Arabic in conversation with anyone.” She added: “What are my rights? We would only have been allowed back on the plane if there wasn’t a shred of doubt on their part, so someone must be the liar here, in which case, why were those passengers not removed for wasting police time, LYING, making false allegations and racial profiling?”