It is a well-known principle of self-defence that one should become very familiar with the enemy. To protect oneself, it is imperative to know what encourages the enemy, what deters it , makes it stronger, weakens it or defeats it. Likewise, a weapon of the shaitan, the enemy of Muslims, is black magic. In fact,  the term ‘black magic’ is a misnomer as it implies that its opposite, ‘white magic’ exists. There is no beneficial, good, or white magic. All magic is haram and has its roots in shirk, or the partnership ascribed to other than Allah.

Magic was taught by two angels, Harut and Marut, sent by Allah to the people of ancient Babylon, but they taught magic only after telling the learners that they were a test from Allah (the Quran, Chapter 2 Verse 102).  People throughout history have practiced magic and continue to do so today. The common reasons for magic are:

  • To bring someone close or to repel someone (or a combination of these two)
  • To separate husband and wife
  • To cause mischief and tear apart families
  • To cause financial loss
  • To cause mental distress, insanity or self-harm
  • To kill

For magic to take effect, the magician must enter into a contract with the shaitan and do various acts of shirk to prove allegiance to him. Once the magician has gained shaitan’s favor, he is able to cast spells on people. Spells usually need the name of the person on whom magic is being done, their mother’s name and a picture or a personal item, like hair, nails or intimate clothing. The magic is carried out by a jinn (another creation of Allah made of smokeless fire invisible to humans) who follows the shaitan’s orders. Magic involves a contract between the magician and shaitan and is contained in an amulet, inscriptions or a series of symbols, letters or numbers. Sometimes, the magician may also use verses of the Quran but mix them with magic words and give them to be worn as an amulet or be mixed with water and drunk, or be burnt in a special way.

The signs of someone affected by magic mimic various psychological conditions, so it is important to rule these out before concluding that a person is a victim of magic. The usual signs of magic are:

  • Sudden change in behavior
  • Illness that has no identified cause and is not responding to medical treatment
  • Becoming hateful towards one’s spouse
  • Behavior which harms self or others

Prevention and cure of black magic both have very similar features. Prevention, of course, is the best option. Black magic is repelled by many simple acts which should be part of every Muslim’s life. Make your home a place where the shayateen (followers of shaitan, including both jinn and humans) fear to enter.  Shayateen love places of filth, music and dance, and places where Allah’s book is not read and where His worship does not take place. Homes where pictures and sculptures of people and other animate things are displayed are also very pleasing to shayateen. Ensure Surah Baqarah is recited in the home regularly as its recitation makes shayateen flee.

*Strengthening one’s absolute belief in Allah and his infinite power over His entire creation. One must also believe without doubt that Allah has control over all things and all creation, and that nothing (good or bad) can happen without His will. This means not including the jinn and shaitan in the divinity and supremacy of Allah. Many people fear the jinn because they seemingly have supernatural powers and have the ability to hurt us. To put this into perspective, many other creations of Allah have abilities that humans do not and also have the power to hurt us (lions, tigers, snakes, scorpions etc., for example can kill humans). Fearing the jinn like only Allah should be, is an act of shirk that makes shaitan and his magic stronger. Attributing divinity to them, or believing they have the power to harm or benefit us, is the wrong basis for our tawheed (oneness of Allah). Generally, people become vulnerable to plots of shaitan when they forget  to remember Allah in whatever they are doing, at times of impurity, while going to the bathroom and in remote and isolated places. For these situations, the authentic duas from the sunnah are compiled in the book ‘fortress of a Muslim’, which is highly recommended. If one is seeking the help of a raqi (Islamic healer or exorcist) for removing magic, ensure he uses only the belief in Allah and uses verses of the Quran and permissible duas from the sunnah for treatment, as many raqis use haram methods of treatment, like amulets, tablets, spells and incantations which lead to shirk rather than healing.

The last two Surahs of the Quran, Al- Falaq and an-Nas were revealed together and are recited when seeking Allah’s protection from all kinds of evil. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) used to recite these and blow into his cupped hands and rub them all over his body to seek relief from the magic done on him.