Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa huwal haiyul qai-yoom; laa taakhuzuhoo sinatunw wa laa nawm; lahoo maa fissamaawaati wa maa fil ard; man zallazee yashfa’u indahooo illaa be iznih; ya’lamu maa baina aideehim wa maa khalfahum; wa laa yuheetoona beshai ‘immin ‘ilmihee illa be maa shaaaa; wasi’a kursiyyuhus samaa waati wal arda wa la ya’ooduho hifzuhumaa; wa huwal aliyyul ‘azeem
Verse 255 of Surah al-Baqarah (chapter 2 of the holy Quran) is called Ayatul Kursi or the verse of the throne:

Allah! is besides whom there is no God, the Everliving, the self-subsisting by whom all subsist; slumber does not overtake Him nor sleep; whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His; who is he that can intercede with Him but by his permission?

He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they cannot comprehend anything out of His knowledge except what He pleases, His knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both tires Him not, and He is the Most High, the Great.

The Benefits of Ayatul Kursi are:

  1. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: whoever recites the first 4 verses of Surah al-Baqarah, then Ayatul Kursi and then the last 3 ayats of Surah al-Baqarah, will not be inflicted with any kind of difficulty in his wealth, Satan will not come near him and he will not forget the Qur’an.
  2. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: Qur’an is a great word, and Surah al-Baqarah is the leader of the Qur’an and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surah al-Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word there are 50 blessings and good in it.
  3. One who recites Ayatul Kursi every morning will be in the protection and safety of Allah until the night.
  4. For those of our dear ones who have passed away, recitation of Ayatul Kursi gives them light (noor) in the grave.
  5. Frequent recitation makes one’s own death easy.
  6. If recited when leaving home, Allah assigns a group of angels to protect you. And if recited before going to sleep, Allah will send an Angel to come and look after you and protect you through the night.
  7. When one is alone in the house, recitation of Ayatul Kursi will make you remain calm.
  8. One who recites it after every prayer, their salat will be accepted, and they will remain in the safety of the Almighty and He will protect them.
  9. If one recites Ayatul Kursi after every salat, the Almighty will make his heart a thankful one and his deeds will be like those of the truthful (Siddiqeen).

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