This is the first article by an 8 year old. we ask all our readers to encourage their kids to write articles which will improve their Islamic knowledge and be read by our worldwide audience

A is for Allah The Creator of all things
B is for Bismillah When you say it Allah is with you in all what you do.
C is for Call to prayer Call to prayer or Azan  .
D is for Dua Prayer to Allah for all our needs
E is for Eid The two festivals in Islam
F is for Fajr The first salat of the day before sunrise
G is for Ghusl The bath we take to get clean
H is for Hajj The pilgrimage to the Ka’aba,   the fifth pillar of Islam
I is for Inshallah If Allah wills something it is done
J is for Jannah The eternal paradise or heaven
K is for Ka’aba The house of Allah
L is for La Ilaha Illalla There is no God but Allah
M is for Mohammed The last prophet of Allah
(peace be upon him) The last prophet of Allah
N is for Niyah Is the intention behind a deed
O is for Obey Obedience to Allah
P is for Pillars of Islam Shahad, Salat, Saum, Zakah and Hahh
Q is for Quran The holy book sent to all mankind by Allah
R is for Ramadan The holy month when Muslims fast
S is for Salat The five daily Muslim prayers
T is for Tawheed The belief in the oneness of Allah
U is for Ummah The nation/brotherhood of Muslims
V is for Veil The identity of Muslim women
W is for Wudu The way to get clean before prayers
X  for eXalted Allah is Exalte  the most high ( I didn’t have anything for that!)
Y is for Yaum ud deen The day of judgment
Z is for Zakat Charity given to the poor is one of the pillars of Islam