Muslim Window- empowerment through education

Assalam alaikum (Peace be with you)! 

I am a Doctor of Health Science and have done extensive research on women’s health, specializing in Muslim women and how they relate to Islam and physical activity. The two seemingly divergent subjects- Islam and exercise- led me to focus on the ways religion underlines several choices in our everyday lives, including health and physical activity. The main argument that evolved from my research was that there were two identities, which I called “Doing Islam” and “Being Muslim”. These two constructs helped me to understand how articulating different narratives about oneself leads to different activities that women engage in. The women in my study used narratives which showed how their relationship with Islam influenced their choices. This has led me to explore Islam, women’s health and physical activity. In addition, I hold a degree in International Communication and a post-graduate Certificate in Fitness Instruction.

This site is intended to remove misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims, and be platform for sharing information, enriching lives and creating new spaces for dialogue and discussion. Muslim Window is designed as a medium through which people of varying backgrounds and experiences can share their thoughts and opinions, widening their scope of knowledge and work towards finding a common horizon of social, cultural and religious understanding.

On this site you will find articles pertaining to Islam, health, contributions from readers, current news and updates. You will be part of a proactive, energetic and vocal online community that discusses the politics affecting Muslims globally and challenges prejudices and presumptions.

You will find bloggers on our site from various fields  such as Medicine, Exercise Physiology, IT, Education,  homemakers and students;  they will regularly write about various issues  such as Islam, health, fitness, IT, politics, current news, fashion and trends. We encourage you as a reader to become one of our bloggers. 

Many a time, we have questions about Muslims and Islam (whether you identify as Muslim or not). This is a space where you can safely ask your questions or make observations, and a prominent Islamic scholar will address your concern. I am sure this will be informative and enriching, and also open up dialogue on issues which we may not be able to do in safe environments in our everyday lives.

So I encourage you to join me in this exciting and ongoing journey with me, one that will enrich, inform, educate and entertain you.