There were many families in different parts of the world who were living their normal everyday lives and unfortunately due to many terrorist attacks in the last month in Turkey, Iraq, Unites States, Bangladesh, Saudia Arabia, France, Syria and other countries, many families have lost their loved ones.  Families lost their children, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and so on. People who have been killed could have been the only earning member for that family; these families will never be the same anymore as their bread winner is gone, the kids might not have food on their table, they might not be able to attend the school ever again, the wife once comfortably a mother at home might have to work cleaning dishes and the parents might not be able to afford the medicines in their old age.  Everything in their life has been turned upside down by someone who didn’t even know them- a LUNATIC TERRORIST!   Who was not happy with his life and decided to ruin others’ lives too by going against the principles of ISLAM.

Can you:

Imagine a parent without their children?

Imagine kids growing without their parents?

Imagine a woman without her husband?

Imagine someone losing their livelihood?

Our beloved prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) admonished his followers for taking the lives of innocents no matter which religion they belong to.

With the terrorist attack increasing daily it’s time for all including Muslims around the world irrespective of their differences to join together against such heinous crimes against humanity that are unforgivable.

I emphasize that it’s our duty as Muslims to stand against this violence where a large number of innocent lives are lost due to some insane terrorist who is misguided, and lives in a delusion that they are the world’s keepers. If someone wants to be a keeper, instead of blowing themselves up and killing others, they should try to set a good example by being a good human and doing good deeds.

I am doing my share and educating as many people as possible by informing them that killings and suicide are HARAM in ISLAM. Is it not the responsibility of the readers to spread this information? You can share this article with as many as possible or just ignore it, but remember we all have our duties and are answerable on the day of judgement about we did to stop the evil and killings.

May Allah grant Jannah to all the victims and have his mercy on their families.  This is not a celebrity video/picture or a song but a note to all humans to make this post viral.