A suicide bombing in a Pakistani mosque in a village called Payee Khan has killed 25 and injured 30. Pakistani Taliban faction Jamaat ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack. A tribal elder Haji Subhanullah Mohmand suggesting it may have been revenge for the killing of a militant by tribal volunteers. Witnesses say a man shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) in the crowded mosque during Friday prayers before blowing himself up.

Pakistani Taliban militants are waging an Islamist insurgency in the area and have launched a series of bombing attacks and assaults on Pakistani security services. The Jamaat ul-Ahrar faction of the Taliban claimed responsibility for a bombing targeting lawyers that killed 74 people in the city of Quetta last month, as well as the Easter Sunday blasts in Lahore that killed 72 people, many of them children.

It is self-evident that if Muslims were the enemy, the terrorists causing terror and misery globally, then their own Muslim brethren would be safe from their attacks. Such suicide attacks only serve to prove that Islam is being used as a guise by terror groups who have no faith, no religion and no regard for human life.